How to check your email problem

Unable to send or receive email ?
Please fill in the below information in order for us to help you 

  1. Check your domain expiry at
  2. Check your IP from and inform our Support Ticket at We will help you to check if your IP is blocked or not.
  3. Check your email kuota
  4. Check your hosting kuota
  5. Check domain blacklist at
  6. Check DNS at
  7. If you are using email application such as Outlook or Thunderbird, please check your email setting
    1. Incoming Email Setting
      SSL (server):       domainname | Port 993
      NonSSL (server): mail.domainname | Port 110

    2. Outgoing Email Setting
      SSL (server):       domainname | Port 465
      NonSSL (server): mail.domainname | Port 587

  8. If you have an access to the Cpanel, please login and go to Track Delivery.
    In the RESULT field, please copy the error message and email along with other information above

Please email all the above information to our Support Ticket at
hould we need more information, our Service Ambassador will be in contact with you.
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