Cara setting email di android

  1. Tekan icon 'Email' lalu Masukkan alamat email anda berserta password-nya, lalu tekan tombol 'Next'

  2. Pilih tombol 'POP3', masukkan data-data email anda:
    •    Username: (diisi alamat email anda yang lengkap)
    •    Password: (diisi kata sandi email anda)
    •    POP3 server: mail.[nama domain anda]
    •    Port: 110 (by default)
    •    Security type: None (by default)
    •    Delete email from server: pilih 'Never' bila tidak ingin
    •    Lalu tekan tombol 'Next'

  3. SMTP server: mail.[nama domain anda]
    •    Port: 587 (by default)
    •    Security type: None (by default)
    •    [x] Require sign-in
    •    Username: (diisi alamat email anda yang lengkap)
    •    Password: (diisi kata sandi email anda)
    •    Lalu tekan tombol 'Next'

  4. Inbox checking frequency: (kita dapat men-set setiap 5 menit hingga setiap jam)
    •    [ ] Send email from this account by default
    •    [x] Notify me when email arrives

    Lalu tekan tombol 'Next'

  5. Give this account a name (optional): (diisi apa saja)
    •    Your name (display on outgoing messages): (diisi nama anda)

    Lalu tekan tombol 'Done'

  6.  Anda sudah dapat melakukan menerima dan mengirim email.
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