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  • How do I search for a domain name?

    Simply enter the web address you want to register into the search box. If the name you entered has already been registered, we'll list any available alternatives. If the domain is available, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.
  • Can I get help to find a domain?

    Absolutely! SOLINDO's domain name search tool can assist you by offering suggestions and other alternatives to any domain you look for.
  • Is there a limit on how long or short my domain can be?

    Typically, there is a limit to a domain length, with the minimum being 3 character and the maximum being 63 characters. Ideally, you want your domain name to accurately reflect your brand, whether it's personal or business-oriented.
  • How do I check if a domain is available?

    1. To check if a domain name is available, just type it in SOLINDO's search bar and we'll tell you immediately if it's already owned by someone else.

    2. If it's taken, you can search for your domain name using our WHOIS Lookup.

  • Can I purchase any domain extension?

    A handful of domains will have restrictions on them, which means you can only purchase them if you meet or exceed certain criteria or have authorization (some examples are .gov, .edu and .mil). But most extensions are available to everyone. In fact, most country code Top Level Domains ccTLDs are available for anyone to purchase, even if you don't reside in the country code in question.